If a lecturer enabled scanning option for certain open-ended questions, you will be able to scan and upload your answers, after submitting the exam, with your smartphone’s barcode scanning app (see requirements section) and camera.

After submitting the exam, you will be directed to the scanning screen. Follow the instructions detailed on the screen

1. Barcode scanning:

The QR code displayed on the screen (1) must be scanned using a cell phone.

(iPhone has a built-in barcode scanner on the camera; for Androids, barcode scanning apps are available at Google’s Play Store).


  • The barcode contains a link. How this link appears after the barcode has been scanned depends on your specific scanning app. You may be redirected to the page automatically or the link may appear on the screen, and you will need to click a button to open the page

  • The barcode is changed every half minute (2), so it is better not to perform the scan close to expiry time

  • Same barcode cannot be scanned twice, if an error message is received, wait for the barcode to change and scan the barcode again

2. Scan interface:

Press the camera button to take a photo of the answer.

Depending on the phone’s interface, the camera will open directly, or you will be given the option to open it.  

After the photo is taken, it will be uploaded to the scanning page.

 At the end, the scanned answer will be displayed.

3. Scanning additional pages for the same question.

Clicking on the "three dots" button will allow you to preview, delete or add more photos to the question.

To return to the interface, click Back.

To upload the answer, click Save & Exit.

4. Final submission

A preview of the scans will be displayed on the screen (6).

Once all the images have been uploaded properly, click “Submit Scan”.